Hybrid Specialist Service

Hybrid Vehicle Diagnostic Check

We are a Hybrid Specialist Workshop in Singapore. All our Specialist Technician and Engineer are stringently picked and trained in Japan. They had underwent vigorous training process in Japan so as to be well-prepared and equipped to be able to service,maintain and repair all Hybrid cars.

We Specialize in the servicing and maintenance of all kind of Hybrid cars. We have the up-to-date software to perform accurate diagnostic on your hybrid cars. And this is done in accordance to the standard recommended by manufacturer.

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance Service

Every machine requires maintenance to run smoothly, and hybrid vehicles are no exception. Cooling System of the hybrid battery will need to be serviced periodically so as ensure that the hybrid battery will always maintain the most optimal performance.

We offers the first and only 150,000 KM hybrid battery maintenance package which includes: diagnostics, wiring harness replacement, individual cell post cleaning, battery de-charging and re-charging, balance reconditioning, coolant duct and fan cleaning, body pan vacuuming and draining of any standing water.

Hybrid Battery Repair

Replacing the batteries are very expensive, and you might be overburdened while bearing the cost of new batteries. However, replacing is not the ultimate solution that you can resort to as there is an alternative to it, which is known as battery conditioning. We are not only to change the whole battery, we are also able to perform repair on your existing battery.

This is done with the mind of saving the environment and save the cost for you. This is one of the best solution that you can keep your original hybrid battery and know how many km your hybrid drive battery has as well. Do give us a ring if you are encountering any problem with your hybrid cars.